TRIPY II usbA cable

Included as standard part in all packs

Ref: 9000
 29,00 €  Buy

Smiley yellow skin cover

Included as standard part in all packs

Ref: 9201
 24,00 €  Buy

'Hard' Off-Road Holder

This product was developed by our partner Tripy-Iberica

It is ideal for use in very difficult terrain.
Ref: 9040
 148,00 €  Buy

TVM EU 2016 maps upgrade (url ISO)

TeleAtlas Vector Maps 2016 Western Europa maps upgrade for RiverNotes, RoadTracer Pro softwares and GPS Tripy II with v2.5 firmware included (ISO). Order via 3 Tripy credit (30€) ref.9900 herebelow.
Ref: 6708 TVM EU2016 iSO
 30,00 €  Buy

Tripy RIVERNOTES software USB

Tripy RIVERNOTES software (usb + dongle). Road Book editor to edit & print professional paper high def reports.
Ref: 6707 RNusb
 598,00 €  Buy


New TeleAtlas Vector Maps Europa 2016 for RoadTracer Pro, RiverNotes softwares and GPS Tripy II. (Including AT, BE, CH, DE, DK, ES, FI, FR, GB, IE, IT, LU, NL, NW, PT, SW)
Ref: 6706 TVM16 usb key
 40,00 €  Buy

Tripy Credit

Tripy Credits are simple to use. They can be used to pay for out of warranty repairs or for advanced training. Feel free to contact us about it.

You can also leave a comment:
Ref: 9900
 10,00 €  Buy

Magic grey skin cover (white)

Included as standard part in all packs

Ref: 9202
 24,00 €  Buy

usbA Power loader 100-240V 50/60Hz

Included as standard part in all packs

Ref: 9010
 15,00 €  Buy

usbA-usbA female-female adapter for USB memory

Included as standard part in all packs

Ref: 9022
 15,00 €  Buy

Adapter for 8-28VDC vehicle electrical system

Ref: 9020
 58,00 €  Buy

Cigarette lighter – usbA adapter

Ref: 9015
 15,00 €  Buy

TRIPY II Replacement connector plug with safety wire

Included as standard part in all packs

Ref: 69420
 10,00 €  Buy

Standard socket arm length B ~8cm

Included as standard part in all packs

Ref: 6001
 24,50 €  Buy

Special socket arm - short - length A ~5cm

Ref: 6002
 24,50 €  Buy

Special socket arm - long - length C ~14cm

Ref: 6003
 24,50 €  Buy

RAM-ball Motorcycle side - normal handlebar U-mount

Included as standard part in all packs

Ref: 6004
 15,50 €  Buy

RAM-ball Motorcycle side - kingsize handlebar double U-mount

Ref: 6006
 49,50 €  Buy

RAM-ball Motorcycle side - flat clamp with hole for M8 screw

Ref: 6008
 24,50 €  Buy

RAM-ball Motorcycle side - bended clamp with hole for M8 screw

Ref: 6009
 24,50 €  Buy

RAM-ball Motorcycle side - Stud with 3/8"-16 thread

Ref: 6010
 14,50 €  Buy

RAM-ball Motorcycle side - Stud with 1/4"-20 thread

Ref: 6011
 14,50 €  Buy

RAM-ball Motorcycle side - Hex threaded hole 1/4"-20 + mating threaded stem

Ref: 6012
 24,50 €  Buy

RAM clamp for fast yoke mounting, opening adjustable from 20 to 60mm

Ref: 6075
 34,50 €  Buy

RAM anti-theft lock-knob to replace butterfly nut on arms 6001, 6002 and 6003

Ref: 6076
 34,50 €  Buy

RAM-succion cup with lock, very tight and hence suited for MC windscreens as well as car and off-road vehicles

Included as standard part in all packs

Ref: 6072
 20,70 €  Buy

RAM base ball TRIPY II side

Included as standard part in all packs

includes M4x12 screws and washers

Ref: 6073
 15,50 €  Buy

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