PACK TRIPY II - REF 8200 same as pack Tripy ref 8000 with RoadTracer Pro software + external connector and GPS antenna, only for regularity rally car organizer for a better accuracy.
Ref: 8200
 748,00 €  Buy

2 X GPS TRIPY II "Europe Pack"

2 full Packs of Tripy II, RoadTracer Pro software, Ram-Mounts, GPS
Ref: 8000 -> Pack of 2 <-
 1.231,20 €  Buy

5 X GPS TRIPY II "Europe Pack"

5 full Packs of Tripy II (RoadTracer Pro software, Ram-Mounts, GPS)
Ref: 8000 -> Pack of 5 <-
 2.896,56 €  Buy

DAKAR 2018 - MOUNTING KIT : GPS Antenna + Power Cable + 2 RAM Mounts for Tripy-II-TRMCC GPS

 168,19 €  Buy

DAKAR 2018 - External GPS Antenna

Ref: DAKAR 2017 - 6155A
 70,18 €  Buy

DAKAR 2018 - Adapter for 8-28VDC vehicle electrical system

Ref: DAKAR 2017 - 9020
 58,00 €  Buy

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