Manage your rally!

TRIPY GPS services and hire for rally control, timing and monitoring.

“Tripy Rally Services” covers the monitoring, timing and safety of vehicles involved in rallying and employs high-performance solutions already validated by the most prestigious organisations.

Whether your event numbers 50 regularity rally competitors or 500 Rally-Raid vehicles, “Tripy Rally Services” deploys its technology and Tripy II TRMCC/B GPS hire for precise classifications without delay or disputes.

From well before your prologue and up to the podium, control your rally!


16 “Driving forces” for more sporting and more relaxed events:

1. Tracking in real time, dated to the second!
    Tracking is archived for each competitor and is incontestable.

2. Unlimited number of timing points for each regularity phase. Unlimited number of specials.

3. Accuracy of measurements in complex situations -before/after hairpins, passes/loops/circuits, etc.- Reliability validated by a well known organisation after analysis and comparison of 30,000 measurements at a rally in France including 300 vehicles with historical regularity.

4. Immediate transmission of time recording to the calculation centre permitting provisional classification after each special.

5. Continuous “remote” control of on-board GPS and the position of each device.

6. No human intervention required on the ground (logistical and financial savings).

7. Position of the timing devices undetectable en route (no cheating possible).

8. Triple backup of the recordings kept in each GPS and on 2 separate servers.

“Manual” downloading of data, in the event the communication network is unavailable.

10. Greater autonomy of GPS (from 10h to 15h) in the event of loss of vehicle fuel.

11. Verification of speed in risk areas to increase rally safety.

12. GPS used as black box or with the screen display at the user’s choice (Road Book notes, zone entrance panel, CH passing time, special departure time, rally time, etc. )

13. Owner development and continuous evolution of Tripy equipment and software. Cost and quality control of services also suitable for small events.

14. Quality electronics, more reliable and less costly than traditional organisation.

15. Total control of the rally from your favourite web browser with overall and detailed views.

16. Expertise validated and selected by prestigious organisations.