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Trails, tracks, and skid control

What you like most is to feel the earth under your wheels. Getting off the beaten track, taking shortcuts and controlling your machine in the most extreme conditions. If you already like adventure, you'll love freedom.


The Tripy II GPS, your off-road partner

Discover new escape routes with the Tripy II GPS. Tripy's clear and simple guidance system will take you on new all-terrain rides, and you won't lose your way. Invent your own off-road routes where sensations and adrenalin are everything, to be experienced alone or to be shared with friends.


Tripy II GPS

GPS and Road Book combined

A GPS road navigation system, Tripy II is also a road book for when you go off-road. It directs you on the most amazing journeys, stores your favourite itineraries, and explores unforgettable trips with you.
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RoadTracer Pro software

Technology and creativity

Create the most unconventional trips on maps, roads or trails with the RoadTracer Pro software included in the pack.
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Tips, news and special offers

Download updates, swap itineraries with other users ... join "Tripy" and be part of something special.
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Tele-Atlas and Tripy GPS Road Book
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